Our Team


JinLiang Sui M.D., Ph.D.

Prior to CrowdOut Jin was Vice President, R&D and Technology at a lab focusing on CF research.  During his 8 year tenure, Jin played a key role in building the R&D lab, establishing the cell-based discovery platform, setting up an effective bioinformatics system for small molecule CF modulators, and executed several HTS campaigns, plowing through over a million compound libraries against CFTR-F508del. In the past 2 years, Jin has worked on  HTS combination screening and has sent several CFTR synergy modulators into development path. 


1) R&D project management, leadership, and execution

2) HTS assay development & automation

4) Molecular pharmacology & physiology; ion channel target for R&D

5) Bioinformatics, HTS data acquisition and management

6) IT infrastructure and data security management